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Emil Ilchev is 3rd at the European Championship, 4th at the World Championship, 8 times National Champion of Bulgaria, 11 times Vice-National Champion, Champion of the Professional Arm Wrestling League - Bulgaria, Two 2nd places at the World Cup ZG Strong, 2nd place at the international Gashevski Open tournament, 2nd place at the X-Men International Tournament, 3rd place at the Balkan Arm Wrestling League and many other prizes from national, international, European and world championships. 7 times awarded for athlete of the year of Pomorie municipality, awarded for contribution to sports by Bulgarian Armwrestling Federation. Founder of the sports club Iron Arms Pomorie.

In his sports career in preparation for competitions he always relies on good training methods and techniques. He uses various simulators and equipment, most of which he develops in the process of improving and upgrading his strength and technique. Exactly these devices and training aids are offered today in our site. They are the result of many years of development and research in the specifics of our sport - Armwrestling.




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