Movable handle with locking mechanism

The set includes:

- Moved for a greater range of motion of the wrist and full tension from the tip to all fingers

-Two types of rubber handles / Rubber for a more comfortable grip / cylinder and cone that can be used in both directions according to the desired training of the wrist and fingers /

-Three different angles of resistance / Depending on which hole is attached the carbine loads the fingers differently /

-Locking mechanism / Thanks to the locking screw, the handle can be quickly changed from ordinary to moving /

Movable frame of laser-cut rails connected to each other with 6 mm bolts.

Lock swivel

Rubber handle cylinder Ф60 14 cm.

Rubber handle cone Ф67 - Ф35 14 cm.

Swivel to change the handles



Thickness of the rail 8 mm

Length 40 cm.

Width 17 cm

Weight 3kg.

Price: 93euro.

180,00 лв.
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