Vertical toprol dumbbell


Vertical toprol dumbbell made of stainless steel for training the biceps and wrist. With the possibility of adding weights in front strengthens the tip of the wrist. A rubber gripper can also be used for a thicker grip.


Stainless steel handle with knurl for better grip Ф28 16.5 cm.

Stainless bracelet Ф16.7 thickness 2 mm

Stainless threaded axles for weights ф30 2x20cm and 1x12cm.

Nuts with thread ф30 2 cm.

Free space for discs on both sides 18 cm and 10 cm in front. Approximate total weight up to 30 kg on each side. and 15kg. In front. Total weights of a loaded dumbbell approximately 75 kg.

Price: 128euro

250,00 лв.
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