Table "Bulgaria" without tampons


The table is made of high quality materials in accordance with the requirements of the World Armwrestling Federation.
Base and legs are massive thick-walled profile powder coated. The top, elbow pads and side pads are with coated vinyl. Stainless steel handles. The table is professional, very strong withstanding high resistance for a long period of time, disassembled and transported easily.

The set includes:

1.Legs 4pcs.

2. Base with holes for attaching the grill to the table

3. Table top

4. Elbow pads 2 pcs.

5. Side pads 2 pcs.

6. Handles with bolts and washers for attached to the countertop 2 pcs.

7. Bolts for attaching the base to the legs 4 pcs.

8. Hex key 14 mm for assembling and disassembling the table and all its elements.

Dimensions according to the standard of the World Armwrestling Federation:

Height 101 cm.

Width 90.5 cm

Weight 48kg.

Price: 430 euro.

840,00 лв.
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