Adjustable professional pulley machine

Description: Adjustable professional pulley with double pull. Vertical adjustment of the resistance of 20 cm. up to 2m. height. Side stands for extra weights, side hangers for folding the handles. The device can be used for training of all muscle groups, as well as for specialized arm wrestling training with different positions of resistance and different angles of tendon loading.
Advantages of pulling at two points of resistance:
- allows additional range of motion to the end point of muscle and tendon loading
- Double pulling allows two load modes with small and very large weights
- Tighter grip with each exercise
All this gives you a more complete and quality workout. The device is easy to assemble and transport, it is suitable for gyms and sports clubs as well as for home use.
The set includes:
- Base with 2 pcs. reels and 2 pcs. weight bearing springs - laser cut sheet metal 6 mm thick and powder coated paint
- Legs powder coated with PVC plugs and fasteners for them.
- Thick-walled central square profile with a length of 2 m. with holes for weight stands and handle hangers.
- Stainless square portfolios for movement of weight reels and reels for adjusting the position of resistance.
- Double bracket laser cut with hidden rollers.
- Adjusting mechanism with handle and chop for position adjustment.
- Central double stainless steel skewer for free weights and double roller drive system.
- 4 pcs. stainless weight stands with polyamide stoppers.
- 4 pcs. Powder-coated handle hangers.
- 1 piece. steel rope with PVC coating for long-term use.
Very important: The device is UNIQUE and has no analogue on the market !!!
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